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2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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85 comments on “2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix discussion”

  1. Hi,

    I’m thinking of going to the Abu Dhabi GP this year (I hoping by the final race of the season they may have sorted out the problems thats caused the procession yesterday).

    I know this is a new GP but wanted to try and get a bit more information in terms of travelling, hotels etc etc.

    I was thinking of flying and staying in Dubai as its only 40-60 mins away, and a bit cheaper for hotels and flights. Did anyone stay in Dubai last year, if so is it really 40-60 mins?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Andrew,
      I went as a marshal for the GP last year but did not use an hotel. I’ve since been back for the Asia GP2 series and stayed in the Raddison hotel 200 yards from the circuit. I flew into Abu Dhabi airport and it’s a cheap 15 minute taxi ride to the hotel.No car hire to pay, no travelling expenses and no hassle getting into the circuit. Also be aware that the police man every junction and sets of lights on the approach to the circuit and if you do not have the correct passes for the route you are on they will turn you away. There are park and ride stations around the circuit but not sure how they work. Hope you have a great time. The circuit is stunning.

    2. No. Dubai is more like one and a half hours away. Abu Dhabi is a much better place to stay, anyway.

    3. I went last year and stayed at my brothers’s apartment in Abu Dhabi.

      From Abu Dhabi to Yas Island took us about 20 minutes on race day – the roads are totally empty over there once you get out of the city, and my brother lives relatively near the main road to Yas Island.

      We went sightseeing in Dubai another day and it took us under an hour from Abu Dhabi (again empty roads) so from Dubai to Yas Island is unlikely to be more than 45 mins.

      Bear in my there are vast car parks around the circuit and it will take you 10-20 mins to get from your car to your stand via the shuttle buses.

      No idea about hotel prices… mine just cost me the price of a dinner out :)

      I can’t really remember last year’s prices but I think tickets cost us about £100-120, that was for really good seats in the grandstand at the end of the main straight.

      I’m quite likely to be going again this year :) Maybe we should set up an F1Fanatics meet up ? :)


  2. Hi Andrew,

    I am also looking to go – it is 119kms from Dubai to Abu Dhabi so about 90min by car. Just wondering if you or anyone else knows what ticket prices were like last year?

    Any ballpark figures would be great,

  3. Time to travel is about 40mins if travelling at 160km/h. That is quite normal over there.

    I have booked my flights, now waiting on GP tickets to become available.

    I am lucky enough to know someone in Dubai so no hotels for me. It will be my first F1 event outside of Montreal.

    Last year, tickets were 1600 – 2500 dirhams.

    1. 160km/h is not a normal speeding limits anymore over here…if someone wants to stay in Dubai they should consider the area because if you are deep inside the city then it is the traffic of Dubai that would waste your time and not the actual drive from Dubai to Yas Island…
      I believe you would find great offers from Etihad airways for the whole package (plane ticket+hotel+ race tickets).

  4. 40 mins seems pretty consistance with what I have read/heard. I think Dubai is the best option, there is a lot more choice on hotels.

    Does anyone know when they expect the tickets to go on sale?

    1. I heard they go on sale in May.

  5. Hi Andrew,
    I went to the Grand Prix last year, and flew out to Duabi with my father for my first ever Grand Prix.
    We stayed at a friends house, and it took about one hour to get to the parking for Yas Marina Circuit. We hired a car and left Dubai quite early in the morning, to watch the GP2 race aswell. Unfortunatley as we left so early we caught the rush hour traffic and there was a bit of a traffic jam just before getting to Abu Dhabi, but once past this traffic there were hardly any cars on the road in Abu Dhabi, and it was a pretty straight forward journey as there was just one long main road that you went on until you saw the signs for parking for the grand prix. Once at the parking a bus took us directly to the circuit where we spent a bit of time buying some merchandise before going to our seats.
    Unfortunatley i don’t know about ticket prices as a close friend of ours, who works in GP2 was able to get us VIP tickets into the GP2 pitlane which was quite exciting, as i was able to meet some of the drivers.
    After walking around the GP2 pitlane for a bit we went to the seats directly above the GP2 pitlane in the support stand. From where we were sitting we could see the cars coming round Turn 10, down the long staright, and then saw them again going round Turn 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18.
    For my first Grand Prix i found the whole experience quite amazing, and i would love to return to the Yas Marina Circuit soon.

  6. Nick Ritter
    30th June 2010, 11:15


    I am flying out from London to attend this years 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which will be my first in Abu Dhabi

    I would greatly appreciate any help with peoples thoughts as to the best seats to watch the race?

    Really appreciate peoples views


    1. i bought tickets for all 3 days and will be based in the North grandstand – looking on line it seems these seats offer great views of the cars accelerating towards you, breaking, coming around the hairpin at much slower speads and then up the long striaght. In all, they look perfect so fingers crossed. Lee I have my flights, I fly into Dubai Thursday morning

      1. hi Nick

        i wont be arriving until the friday evening but i have a weekend pass for the north grandstand, looks excellent

        bit of a pain having to go there on my own but i wouldnt miss this as this will be my 3rd race this year.

  7. Does anyone know whether you can walk around other areas of the circuit if you get a grandstand ticket? Some circuits allow you to go anywhere on the Friday – even in the other grandstands, and it’s a great opportunity to find the best vantage points.

    1. Hi there,

      Yes you will be able to do the pit walk on the Thursday (day before practise). Pit Walk only valid with the 3 day passes.

      You also get to see the teams/drivers mid preparation. Last year the drivers were signing autographs too.

      Check out our website if you need more info.

      Hala Abu Dhabi

  8. hi guys

    i will be attending my first abu dhabi GP last year flying out from newcastle or london possibly on my own

    to Nick ritter, have you booked your flight yet?

    is there anyone else going on there own that would be interested in meeting up at the circuit..just for a bit of company as imagine it could be quite lonely out there on your own !

    1. Hi Lee,

      Have you booked your flights, accommodation and tickets yet?

      If not, check out our website – we are doing some amzaing F1 packages with flights on the sponsor carrier, Etihad Airways plus accommodation on Yas Island.

      You can check out the pistonheads/middle east section – they normally have a big meet up around F1.

      Hala Abu Dhabi

    2. Hi, just been reading this thread. All being well I will be in Dubai in November and I’m planning on going to my first F1 race.

      Going to be in Dubai with the family, but will be going to the race on my own. If anyone wants to share transport from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on race day or meet up at the circuit, let me know.

      Cheers Gary

      1. hi Gary

        pleased im not the only one going on my own!

        which grandstand is your ticket in?

        i’ll b stsying in abu dhabi but will meet at the circuit.


        1. Lee

          Just looking into where to get my tickets from, any suggestions for which website ?


          1. my ticket is for sat/sun in north grandstand

            i got mine from here



          2. Flights booked, hotel booked, race tickets booked (north stand)…..can’t wait!

            Will be travelling from Dubai on race day, anyone want to share transport ?

            Will be getting the park and ride bus from Shahama if the buses are the same as last year.

            Did anyone use this service from Shahama, if so is ti easy to find etc…?

            Cheers Gary

          3. Hi Gary,

            I will also be flying down to dubai as my wife wants to stay there while i ll take the trip alone to the race.. i havent decided on which stand? north or main grandstand? maybe we could share the ride.

  9. i meant this year :)

  10. Hey guys,

    I might be at the Abu Dhabi race this year again as we did last year, tending to the Etihad F1 simulators. if any of you guys are coming, do look out for me at the Etihad booth around the circuit. Is there any way we all could get in touch and plan a meeting? FB maybe? If yes, search Alvin Kassim and add me, send PM with title “Abu Dhabi race – F1Fanatic meetup”.


  11. hi Alvin

    this is my first time this year.

    just wondering what day everyone is getting there etc.
    i think a meetup sounds a great idea !

  12. Hi Lee,

    I think everybody should be there by Thursday. We haven’t got confirmation from Etihad yet but once I have it, I will let everybody know of the details.

    1. i am travelling on my own but wont arrive till friday night !

      ive never been to the circuit before so would be good to have company there before the race starts or meetup outside the circuit on the weekend?

      1. hi lee,

        where will u be staying in abu dhabi? last year i stayed at the hotel on yas island next to the track. we walked to the track everyday. yas island is basically a desert island, nothing much but then again, this is abu dhabi, this year the place could look like downtown for all i know..haha.

        anyway, if you stay in town, it will cost you about AED80 to AED100 per trip there by taxi, not sure about buses tho. this year i don’t know where we’ll be at yet, hopefully in town as there’ll be more to see and do.

        if you’re staying in town, maybe we could meet..i’ll let you know.

  13. hi,

    well i know im definitly not in the hotel on yas island

    im staying in L’arabia hotel apartments, not sure how close to town that actually is !

    1. Hi Lee,

      L’Arabia is near the airport, which means far from town but near to Yas Island..here’s a link..


      The place looks fancy.

      1. ah well suppose if its close to airport and near to yas island that will do me, just didnt wanna be a million miles from the circuit ! :)

        suppose if anyones staying at yas island that would be ideal as it wont be far from me

        thanks for the link

  14. Hi everyone

    It’ll be my first time in Abu Dhabi, not to mention my first grand prix! Any tips on where to buy tickets at the best rate? Ideally I’d like to go just for the Sunday, so I can do some sight seeing on the saturday (Shop!!). Does anyone know if you can buy tickets just for race day?

    1. hi Maria

      my first time in abu dhabi too (but not my first race)

      i tried to look for one day passes but you definitly have to buy a 2 day pass.

      im in the north grandstand. which seats are you looking for?

      1. hi lee,

        north grandstand is a hairpin, the cars will be slow a bit there..i went to the south grandstand facing the marina, nicer view plus it’s at the end of a very long and fast straight, very good chance for overtaking and accidents..:-)

        1. sounds a good seat but for this time i was after a seat where i can actually listen to the cars braking and hopefully shifting gears !

        2. I think slow corners are better. More overtaking while braking, better chance for great upclose action pictures.

          1. sounds ideal, at silverstone i was in the pit grandstand and hard to get really good pictures !

  15. Hi Maria,

    I’m afraid they don’t have a 1 day pass, min is 2 days. here’s the link:



    1. thanks Alvink, but I can’t seem to book anything through this website. Do you have any other suggestions? I’m looking for something in the North stand.

      1. hi maria

        just do a google search for the tickets :)

        who are you travelling with and where from?

        1. From london heathrow with gulf air, leaving on the 11th. Can’t wait. The ticket websites all look so variable, how do you know which ones are trust worthy, not to mention the price range. It’s a lot of money and I don’t want to loose it!!

          1. Hi Maria,

            The Yas Marina website should be the best source, although you are right in that there was no way to buy the tickets there..weird. They do have an email address there and phone numbers for you to contact.

            Unfortunately, I have not prepared packages yet for this years’ event but I could forward you to my personal contact at an Abu Dhabi destination management company that handles the packages for the race. Do send me an email at alvin@motorsports-hospitality.com and I will give you more info.


          2. Maria

            im flying from newcastle on the 12th.

            are you going on your own?

            im gonna be a bit wary being on my own :( but the event should be great.

  16. chanced upon this thread…

    i’m based in dubai and will be attending my first GP (ever!). looks like we will all be in the same (north)grandstand.

    if you guys need further information about the place, let me know. i might be of help. i was told that there will be a shuttle bus from dubai for the entire weekend. I’m waiting for delivery of my tickets and the promoters said the information will be included there.

    1. Sounds good, keep us upto date…

      Like I said in my other postings, I will be travelling from dubai (not sure how yet) on race day, if there’s a shuttle bus even better, if not, sharimg transport would be good.

      Lee, Bilal and anyone else travelling on their own but not staying in dubai, a meet up at the circuit would be good ?

    2. Antoi